BDC – Business Data Connectivity:

Step 1:

Open SQL Server and create a database named “Employee”. Then create a table named “EmpInfo” and create a column as show in a figure below

Step 2:

Go to Central Administration and click Manage Service application

Step 3:

Click the New button from menu, list of services will be listed. Then click the Business Data Connectivity services and configure them.


Step 4:

After connecting the Business Data Connectivity services. Open SharePoint Designer and click Central Administration

Step 5:

Click the External Content Types from the left menu

Step 6:

Click New External Content Types from the file menu

Step 7:

Click here to discover external data sources and define operations for connecting the external data source shown below

Step 8:

Add Connection button to connect the SQL Server

Step 9:

Choose the Data Source Type as SQL Server

Step 10:

Configure SQL Server as below and click ok

Step 11:

Now the SQL Server is connected and you will get the Employee Database connection Source

Step 12:

Click Table name Emp -> Tables ->EmpInfo then right click the EmpInfo and click the Create All operations

Step 13:

Then All operation will popped up. Click Next button

Step 14:

Parameter Configuration popped up and click Finish Button

Step 15:

Click Create Lists & Form Icon from Ribbon

Step 16:

Then Conformation Will be popped up and give “Yes” to save the changes

Step 17:

Enter List Name as Employee information and click ok button

Step 18:

Go to Central Administration

Click Site Actions->View All Site Content and EmployeeInformation will be listed there.

Step 19:

Click the New button from the menu

Step 20:

Add New item and Save it

Step 21:

Open SQL Server ->Choose the Database “Employee” and Check the “Emplnfo” table using Query analyser. Your data will be saved.






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